Put a Stop to Your Slouch!

Put a Stop to Your Slouch!

The Best Posture Correctors

By: Medea Giordano

We are constantly straining our necks to look at our phones and computers. This constant tension is affecting our back health greatly. Bad posture doesn’t just cause temporary pain and stiffness; it can cause a permanent hunch.

I often forget what I look like when I have poor posture wbut when I see photos of myself. —I wonder why anyone has ever voluntarily spoken to me in public. So I decided to do something about it, trying braces, shirts, a yoga strap, and even a little vibrating device that sits on your back. Here are the best posture correctors we've tried.
Your problems won’t be fixed overnight but if you start off gradually, adding time as you go on, you will see a big difference. 

A Solid Shoulder Brace- BackEmbrace Posture Corrector

This posture is great for preventing your shoulders from rolling forward. Supporting your upper back, and it is a particularly good option if you have a larger chest. The corrector is soft and thin enough that you can wear it under clothes, and it doesn’t look like a medical-grade brace if you decide to wear it on top of your shirt.

“The BackEmbrace falls squarely in the middle of the lineup as far as cost and support go. As a side sleeper, I regularly contort my shoulders eight hours per night, but the corrector has helped reduce my neck and shoulder pain; I can wear it comfortably (and sit up straight) all day.”
—Louryn Strampe 

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