Dr. Amir Vokshoor

Board-certified Neurosurgeon
Specializing in minimalistic Brain & Spine Surgery

“One of the products I recommend to my patients and colleagues who struggle with maintaining proper alignment is BackEmbrace. Unlike so many posture correctors on the market, BackEmbrace has uniquely adjusting straps that are extremely effective in retracting the shoulders. The double strap provides a customized fit over patients’ shoulders so there’s no pinching or chaffing under the arms.

It’s by far the most attractive and most comfortable than any others I’ve seen and tried. Its versatility to be worn under or over clothing is a huge plus since many of my patients have complained about other supports being rough and irritating on their skin, but BackEmbrace is remarkably soft. It’s a high quality product made here in the USA.”

Dr. Dani Olson

Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic Internationally Certified,
Sacro Occipital Technique

“As a former gymnast, I know that poised posture is judged as a sign of confidence and grace. Now as a Doctor, I understand the biomechanics of proper posture for functional alignment of the jaw, rib cage, lower back, and even how the feet plant on the ground. Wearing the BackEmbrace provides a gentle lift that immediately opens the chest wall and reduces the feeling of anxiety, as well as the giving the appearance of confidence to the rest of the world.

For those people who drive a lot, for those in wheelchairs, and for those who work at computers, this is a great solution to give them better posture and reduce the tension in their necks and shoulders. The fact that it has no metal parts and is packable makes it a no-brainer to wear for airplane travel. I honestly believe that wearing BackEmbrace, especially while working at computers and phones, is going to reduce the prevalence of "Tech Neck".”

Oluseun Olufade (Dr. Alfy)

Assistant Professor of Orthopedics at Emory School of Medicine Board-certified in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Most people don’t really think about their posture until they are in pain. It can take months to develop neck, shoulder and/or upper back pain but what I like to share with my patients is that these injuries can be prevented and treated by wearing a posture corrector like BackEmbrace.

As a sports medicine practitioner who also specializes in spine care, I recommend BackEmbrace to my adult and adolescent patients. For those who are very active and participate in weightlifting and CrossFit, BackEmbrace can help with shoulder impingement and other injuries. For my patients with conditions such as scoliosis (side spine curvature) or kyphosis (forward spine curvature), BackEmbrace is ideal because it gives my patients the gentle reminder to keep a healthy posture, which allows them to perform at their best. I especially like the lightweight and flexible material and prefer it over other bulky, stiff and itchy posture correctors.

I also recommend BackEmbrace for any patient complaining of what we call “Covid-Posture” or Covid-Shoulder” - essentially, bad posture habits being created by the increased amount of time we are spending during at-home work stations and other devices such as cell phones.