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Working from home can be a pain in the neck (and back): 4 Steps to Good Ergonomic Posture

By: Belinda Lichty Clarke

Stay-at-home is now the norm due to COVID-19. Working from home might be a common practice for some, but for many, this new transition may be proving to be difficult. Although zoom calls have made the day-to-day work environment relatively easy, other things have proved difficult. Many have been voicing their opinions about struggling with the physical workspace for your office or even the living room. Whether it’s the discomfort of working from a new home office in a windowless basement or setting up your daily workspace at the dining room table, there are a few things that can be done to make your workday a little easier.

Don’t lean in, keep your posture vertical

While seated, keep your head vertical to your neck, creating the least amount of strain.

Neutral hands

Keep your arms and wrists straight in a neutral position. Always extend your arms and hands forward to lay flat.

How to sit

A seated position is best where you can see the screen while sitting back to help support your back.

Currently, chiropractors have been considered “essential” and have remained open, but many have decided to skip their adjustments due to the pandemic. To improve posture, there are various products available that are designed to help reposition your shoulders as you work to prevent hunching and "tech-neck." Here’s what former PR executive and creator of BackEmbrace had to say, “I had constant tension and strain in my upper back, neck, and shoulders,” she said. “I went to massage therapists and chiropractors, but only received temporary relief. I tried posture supports, but they were bulky, uncomfortable, irritating to the skin – and far from stylish.” BackEmbrace is very different than other posture correctors on the market. It can be worn under your clothes, or on top. The back uses a criss-cross of soft elastic straps and, like a backpack, attaches below your breasts with Velcro. According to Froula, the BackEmbrace is not to be worn all day, rather on and off throughout the day.


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