Meet Kara Froula of BackEmbrace in West LA

Meet Kara Froula of BackEmbrace in West LA

The Back Story: Kara Froula

BackEmbrace founder, Kara Froula, found herself suffering from chronic tension and pain in her upper back, neck, and shoulders due to countless hours spent slouching in front of her computer. Ongoing visits to the chiropractor, specific exercises at the gym, and applying heat and ice became part of her norm. When she discovered a clavicle splint at a local orthopedic store that pulled her shoulders back into correct alignment, she found relief! Although it was seemingly effective, it was quite bulky and restricted her range of motion— not to mention it wasn’t exactly attractive. Let’s just say it wasn’t the fashion accessory she was looking to incorporate into her wardrobe! She tried nearly every posture support available, but what she found was bulky, uncomfortable, irritating to the skin, difficult to put on and take off, and definitely not something she wanted to wear in public. While continuing to work full-time at her accounting job, Kara devoted nights and weekends to creating a posture support that was effective, attractive, and comfortable – like a gentle embrace.

This is when the BackEmbrace journey began. After designing prototypes and testing countless materials for strength, durability, and softness, she eventually created a uniquely designed posture support. In 2018 BackEmbrace was launched.

 In the fall of 2019, Kara resigned from her accounting job and began working on BackEmbrace full time.  As Kara continues to expand the business and build the BackEmbrace brand, her mission is to help people feel better and stand taller with a little more confidence, and perhaps inspire someone else who may be playing small to move more confidently in the direction of their dreams.


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