Eco-friendly Essentials for Good Health at Home

Eco-friendly Essentials for Good Health at Home

Healthy Home, Healthy Life

With Earth Day coming up soon while we are in the middle of a pandemic, we need to remember to keep the momentum of environmental preservation strong. Once we get back to normal life, using cars, planes, and the usual hustle and bustle, wouldn’t it be great if the smog was still clear in Los Angeles, the dolphins still swimming in the canals of Venice and people were still taking long walks each day, enjoying nature?
Here at Yoga Digest, we have always supported small businesses and environmentally conscious brands that intend to assist others with their personal health and compassion for our world. Here are just a few brands we are loving this month that will help you stay healthy while at home.

Orthopedic Posture Support

BackEmbrace is an incredibly soft and uniquely flexible orthopedic posture support that assists to prevent hunching and slouching. This simple and effective design retracts your shoulders into proper alignment, allowing for improved posture while you sit, stand, walk or do just about anything.

BackEmbrace can be worn comfortably under or stylishly over your clothes. It’s perfect for men, women and young adults. Due to the split-strap system, the product can provide a customized fit to provide you varying levels of support exactly where you need it. Made in the USA with super soft, premium materials, BackEmbrace is made for moving comfort on the go. 

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