This BackEmbrace Posture Corrector Is Saving Me From My Quarantine Slouch

This BackEmbrace Posture Corrector Is Saving Me From My Quarantine Slouch

Say Goodbye to Slouching

By: Kristina Rodulfo

With our new social distancing reality, I have begun working from home from my couch. This adjustment has lead to a lot of changes. I miss my coworkers. I miss face to face meetings. And I especially miss my desk: an ergonomic masterpiece that allowed me to sit and stand! Lately, my dining table doubles as my workspace and my achy, tight shoulders have been feeling the difference.
Luckily, I have found the answer to my tense back: BackEmbrace. It’s a flexible elastic band, pulls my shoulders back to make me sit or stand up straight—and it's the most effective, comfortable posture corrector I've tried!
I began wearing the BackEmbrace two or three times a day over my clothing. BackEmbrace says that the product should not be work more than six hours a day. I often hunch over my laptop, pull my shoulders up toward my ears, and round at the middle of my back leaving me in a pretzel position a good part of my day.

After a few days of wear, I was surprised that I felt sore, but this is expected, just like if you were sore after a workout working different muscles. As your body adjusts to proper alignment the soreness went away and could wear consistently.
One of my favorite things about the posture corrector is that it is not rigid, uncomfortable, or looks like something made for your grandparents. It moves WITH you.

I also loved how adjustable the product was, allowing it to fit a variety of different body types. At first, I made the of arching my back too much leaving my lower back feeling strained. By being more mindful of tucking my abs.
After three weeks I am much more mindful about my posture when both sitting and standing. I don't mindlessly slouch and my neck and shoulders (while they would appreciate a professional massage, siiiigh) are much more at ease and the tightness and pain have subsided. My improvement has me standing tall–literally.

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