Everything You Need To Know About Posture Correctors

Everything You Need To Know About Posture Correctors

The importance of posture

You were told to "stand up straight" but perhaps not for the reason you actually think. We can all recognize when a confident person walks into a room vs. an insecure one. Body language says it all, and poor posture doesn't exactly exude sophistication and confience. So that's definitely one reason to pull those shoulders down and back. Another reason to fix your posture, appearances aside, is that poor posture is actually bad for your body. Just ask your tense neck, inflamed traps, and achy lumbar! 

A solution to slouching

With so many of us constrained to our desks staring at computer screens all day, maintaing proper posture has become something we need to get proacive about. You may not have the ideal ergonomic home setup to help keep your body aligned and supported, so we can look to tools like posture correctors and the BackEmbrace posture corrector is hands-down one of your favorites.   

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