Best Posture Corrector: Blogger Review

Best Posture Corrector: Blogger Review

A blogger's favorite posture corrector

By: Jenna McCarthy

I have always been skeptical of products that seem to “fix” problems. BackEmbrace is a wearable piece to improve back alignment and posture. This seemed too good to be true but I put on the device and could immediately feel the difference!

The helpful ‘How it Works’ guide makes putting on BackEmbrace super easy. Right away I could tell that the quality was great. The straps were strong but soft and the velcro held in place.

I have always had poor posture, especially in recent years and I'm starting to feel the effects of it. Even if you are consciously thinking about your posture, it is hard to maintain long-term. We get distracted and go back to what we think is comfortable. With this device, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for posture! The BackEmbrace is so comfortable. The straps are nice and thick so that they don’t dig in anywhere. The pull you feel is strong but feels natural at the same time.

The slim fit of BeackEmbrace allows you to easily wear it under almost any outfit and nobody would know! I like to wear mine over top of a tank top. I would recommend BackEmbrace to anyone who struggles with even minor posture and back issues. It really has made a difference for me and I wear it all of the time!

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